Current Programs:

Early Exposure to Tennis in School Program 

This program is designed to serve 45 schools within our community and the surrounding communities.

We currently have 14 schools enrolled in the program.

Program Schedule:

  • Monday-Friday For Ages: 5, 6 & 7  
  • Accommodates 30 students per hour
  • 10 AM-1 PM with 4 Staff Members
  • Duration of Program: October-May

Early Exposure to Tennis Weekend Program

This program is a weekend program that serves youths within the community

Program Schedule:

  • For Ages: 5, 6, & 7
  • Serves 100 students throughout the Saturdays for 40 weeks year.
  • From 8 AM to 6 PM

Your Support Helps Our Community Kids Strive For Greatness

“.. it takes a village to raise a child” … – an African proverb


Early Exposure to Tennis After School Program

  • Monday-Friday For Ages: 5, 6 & 7
  • 30 Students per hour with 4 Staff Members
  • 3 PM-6 PM 
  • Duration of Program October-May   


Early Exposure To Tennis Summer Camp Program

  • Monday-Friday Grades K, 1 & 2
  • 200 Students, 15 Coaches, 1 Director
  •     8 AM- 5 PM     
  • July-August
  • 6 weeks  

Summer Camp Schedule: 

  • 8 AM -9 AM Tennis
  • 9 AM-10 AM Tennis
  • 10 AM-11 AM Tennis
  • 11 AM-12 PM Lunch
  • 12 PM-1 PM Math Tutorials
  • 1 PM-2 PM Reading Tutorials
  • 2 PM-3 PM Technology Tutorials
  • 3 PM-4 PM Tennis
  • 4 PM-5 PM Tennis

Courtney Atkinson

Courtney Atkinson is my name, and I am 12 going on 13.  I attend Baldwin Senior High School.  Youth and Tennis has affected my life not just in tennis but in other aspects of my life too.  For example, Youth and Tennis has taught me to respect my peers and coaches.  This program has also helped me to be punctual and organized because I have to balance my summer with homework and camp.  Tennis has helped me to be successful in school and at tennis.

I feel that Youth and Tennis has helped me to grow up and become more mature. During the summer camp, there was a tournament going and almost everyone in my class was entered into the tournament except me. I wasn’t entered because I was fooling around too much.  When I buckled down and got serious, Mr. Briggs entered me into the tournament.

Overall, Youth and Tennis has taught me to be tough, successful, caring, respectful, and of course, skillful with my tennis game, school work and overall career.

Mel-lisa Saunders

My name is Mel-lisa Saunders.  I started the Youth and Tennis Camp in July 2005.  The Youth and Tennis Program affected me in many different ways.  When I first started playing tennis, I was lazy.  I would lounge around and didn’t care how I hit the ball.  Now I am determined to be the best tennis player I can be.  When I see my peers playing, I know how good they are.  Everyday I learn how to be better at volleying, serving forehand and backhand moves.  The program has also helped me to control my anger and get along with people.  This program has taught me to never give up and to be the best that I can be.

Akins Simon

My name is Akins Simon and I am 13 years old.  I attend Aviation High School.  The Youth and Tennis Program helps me to stay in shape.  It also helps me to understanding loosing better.  The program helps me be more patient in life by teaching me that you don’t always get what you want at the time that you want it.  The Program has helped me understand the true meaning of team work and realize that no one is above anyone.

Jared Chitamin

I have been playing tennis for six years.  At first, like all beginners, I couldn’t play.  But as the years passed, I got better.   In the beginning, I did not like it but then I got better and started to like it more.  Finally, I got to C level, which is very difficult yet fun.  I have made new friends and I’ve gained discipline.  I always have to be there on time and wear my blue tennis shirt.  But that shirt means,  I play for Youth and Tennis.

Playing tennis has been good for me physically, academically and mentally.  First of all, I have gotten stronger from playing tennis by playing every week and on Saturdays.  This helps me to stay fit because I don’t have time during the week.  Also, I have gotten recommendations from Bill Briggs that helped me to get into the Advanced Regents Program in my school.  This year during my 8th-grade year, I will be taking some high school classes in the Advanced Regents Program because of the recommendations I received.  Finally, playing tennis has given me confidence.  Since I know I have gotten better, I know I can become even better than I am now.  If I continue to play tennis and do good in school, maybe I can get a  scholarship to college.