Strive for Greatness

Our mission is to build strong character within our youths, create a culture of academic excellence, enhance athletic ability and encourage them to “Strive for Greatness” in their personal lives.

Youth and Tennis will…

  • draw on the sport’s individualistic qualities to strengthen self-esteem and problem-solving capabilities
  • enable personal development of participants so that they are strongly prepared to meet today’s challenges as mature, skilled, young adults
  • serve as a role model for duplicating similar programs in communities such as ours throughout the country

Our program strives to introduce disadvantaged youths to the sport of tennis and to demonstrate that tennis can be a powerful tool for personal development and the economic viability of the community. The Academy’s short ranged milestones and long range goals are designed to promote on and off court improvement in our youths through the sport of tennis.

Parent involvement through an auxiliary program allows our parents to share and discuss best practices for child rearing as well as developing funding programs to help support the program. The involvement of parents in the Youth and Tennis Academy has an overall positive impact on the community at large while increasing the bond between parent and child. It also helps to ensure the continued participation of youths in the program.

Youth Development

The Youth and Tennis Academy also provides academic and social support to our students and the community by incorporating mandatory student participation in the following projects:


School for Academic and Social Development

A mandatory classroom lecture series with topics in the following areas:

  • Education, Business, Medical, Social Work, Technology, Community Service
  • Role-playing productions, seminars and video presentations around current social issues in order to help our students develop confidence, high self-esteem, and win-win strategies to become successful adults.

Interactive classrooms sessions to expose and broaden their knowledge and opportunities available to them beyond their community.


Academy for Mathematics Enrichment

Provides children with tools they need to gain confidence in enhancing their math abilities. Delores Blake is the Director and a mathematician who developed the program to address math taught at the various grade levels of our students.

The program allows our students to embellish and enrich their mathematics aptitude as part of a three-fold program:

  • Review current grade level math problems
  • Preview the next grade level math
  • Reinforce math skills on an individual basis